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Featured here, the Hawaiian oil paintings series DA HAPPY TREE, an ever-changing story-telling tapestry of flowers and birds that is owned by collectors in U.S. and Japan, where it translates to "Kofuku no ki", and is unique among Hawaiian oil painting styles.

 Look for DA HAPPY TREE also at "Hawaiian Art Prints."

Click on image to enlarge and view details: painting size and price.
blank.gif 50x50

DaHappyTreewithparrot.jpg 180x151
Happy Tree with Parrotblank.gif 50x50
The Happy Tree 2 - Hawaiian Oil Painitng on canvas with birds, flowers and the nature of Hawaii
blank.gif 50x50Da Happy Tree 2
blank.gif 50x50
Oil Paintings of Hawaiian Flowers and Birds in Da Happy Tree
blank.gif 50x50Da Happy Tree
blank.gif 50x50
A little Hawaiian girl's cabbage patch doll she left in the studio
blank.gif 50x50My Cabbage Patch
Oil painting of clow music box with fresh roses from Hawaii garden
blank.gif 50x50Clown Music Box
blank.gif 50x50
madorchidt.jpg 360x221
blank.gif 50x50Mad Orchid

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