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Browsing these paintings that depict life on Oahu's South Shore, one finds out there's a lot more going on in Waikiki and Honolulu than vacation. The local scene is rich and colorful, and the characters, flora and fauna and sporting events that inhabit the major parks, like Ala Moana and Kapiolani are fodor for an Hawaiian oil painter's brushes.

"Kali, The Woodcarver" a unique local artist and spriritual master who will never cut a tree himself, and is usually found creating Hawaiian warriors from donated wood under the biggest banyan tree in Kapiolani Park, is one of our artist's favorite subjects.

"Kali, The Woodcarver" may also be found in "Hawaiian Art Prints."

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blank.gif 50x50Kali_The_ WoodcarverT.gif 180x144
Kali the Woodcarver
Kuhio_Beach_WaikikiT.gif 180x141
Kuhio Beach Waikiki
blank.gif 50x50
Tree_in_ Kapiolani_ParkT.gif 180x151
Tree in Kapiolani Park
blank.gif 50x50 onsiteWaikikit.gif 180x141
Sunset Waikiki
blank.gif 50x50
Tree-in_Kapioani_ParkT.gif 180x135
Tree in Kapiolani Park
blank.gif 50x50 KuhioBeach.gif 180x143
Kuhio Beach
blank.gif 50x50
Hawaiian Oil Paintings