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No matter how pleasing an Hawaiian Oil Painting may look online, you can bet its a lot more exciting and vibrant in person. Most folks like to chat about a painting when considering a purchase, and we are more than glad to accommodate and talk story about any painting or possible commissions, including portraits. If any Hawaiian Oil Painting you fancy is marked "Sold" or "Not for sale, in artist's collection" we are glad to paint a likeness for you on consignment.

Painting seminars and children's art classes are also available and we are pleased to design an oil painting program to meet your personal needs. As in "Hawaiian Kahuna Series" if you'd like a life experience chronicled on camera and canvas, our Nikons and brushes are at the ready.

blank.gif 50x50
Haumea_Miniaturet.gif 124x180   Pele-at_HomeT.gif 180x124   Polii'ahu_MiniatureT.jpg 135x180   

3 Goddess Miniature set, Haumea, Pele & Poli'ahu, priced at $850

blank.gif 50x50
NIGHTWALKER BOOK POSTERblank.gif 50x50 For fans of the story: Limited Edition "Nightwalker" posters measure 16 X 20, with red foil lettering, and are hand signed by author.

brightnightwalker.jpg 296x500

To talk about paintings, prints or commissions, e-mail us at Sidney Filson @yahoo.com or call us at 212 628-7083, leave a slooow and very distinct telephone message and we will get back to you shortly.

Shipping and handling charges vary according to size of purchase. We use Mail Boxes Etc. as our packers who are fair-priced and well-experienced at safely shipping art.

Paintings may be purchased with U.S. Bank Money Orders, U.S. Postal Money Orders, and with personal checks with the understanding that no paintings will be forwarded until checks clear our bank account.

  • 212-628-7083
  • Snail mail us at: Sidney Filson 401 East 74th St. Suite 4C New York, NY 10021
  • sidneyfilson@yahoo.com

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