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by Sidney Filson

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Ten years ago, on Oahu, a new business displayed an Artist's Hawaiian oil paintings to adorn their freshly painted walls. A wise-and-seasoned Hawaiian told the new business owner; "You must contact a Kahuna for an opening blessing. I know of one who walks with the spirits." So the Artist met the Kahuna, and while conducting the blessing, the Kahuna fell in love with one of the Artist's Hawaiian oil paintings. Impressed by the Kahuna's queenly presence and radiating spirituality, the Artist introduced her to friends. The Kahuna married some, helped one friend's father pass to the other side, blessed a restaurant opening... and always, over years, whenever the Kahn saw "that" painting, she declared her special love for it. One day the Artist's painting was in a show, and the Kahuna was there, staring at it."I will give you that painting, if you will pose for me," the Artist said. And they struck a bargain.

Four years later, the Artist called; "I have your painting here, come and sit for my brushes." "A woman of her word," the Kahuna said, like only a day had passed instead of four years, and asked what she should bring along, to pose with. "Things important to your ceremonial work," the Artist said. "Ahh, I know, I have the Sacred Talking Rock from the Kilauea Volcano that needs to go to Waikiki waters every ten years, at this solstice time (Xmas week-end). I will bring the Rock, perform the ceremony, and I will stay with you for the weekend." (Excerpt from "Weekend With a Kahuna" by Sidney Filson

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blank.gif 50x50Kahuna Oil Paintings of Hawaii
Kahuna with the Talking Rock
blank.gif 50x50 Hawaiian kahuna with pillows who posed for paintings on Oahu
Kahuna of the Pillows
blank.gif 50x50Oil painting of kahuna in works
Kahuna in works


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