A Collection of Hawaiian Oil Paintings
by Sidney Filson

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Stylized Hawaiian oil paintings, may be found here, often depiciting multiple wahines at fruit and flower gathering, like the three lovely ladies of "Sunset Wahine." Look for paintings of life on various Hawaiian Islands, like "Big Island Wahine with Papaya". You know the pretty girl is on the Big Island of Hawaii by the oversize papaya she holds. Where else do they grow that big? Scenes of Oahu, Maui, Kuai, Molokai.

Many of the Hawaii Collection paintings are avaialble as prints see " Hawaiian Art Prints" for details.

Click on image to enlarge & view details: painting size & price.

blank.gif 50x50sunset_wahinet.jpg 180x139
blank.gif 50x50
Sunset Wahine
blank.gif 50x50 Waiting_on_ OahuT.gif 180x138
Waiting on Oahu
blank.gif 50x50prettywomant.jpg 147x180
blank.gif 50x50
Big Island Wahine
With Papaya
blank.gif 50x50 The_Coconut-WirelessT.gif 180x119
The Coconut Wireless
blank.gif 50x50
blank.gif 50x50blank.gif 50x50 Horse_on_Big_IslandT.gif 180x135
Horse on Big Island
Hawaiian Oil Paintings