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Hawaiian Goddesses

The oil paintings below attempt to interpret on canvas the awesome beauty, power and particulary profound influence over the Human female psyche of the most important and intriguing Hawaiian Goddesses found in the culture legends and history of Hawaiian deities.   The fire of Pele, allure of Haumea stoic icyness of Poli'ahu, unstoppable currents of the Sea Goddess or the magical colors that follow La'ieikawai, the Rainbow Goddess, are all part of rich heritage and spiritual connections to the elements represented by Hawaiian Goddesses. 

Soon coming on Hawaiian Oil Paintings, "The Birth of the Rainbow Goddess."

A miniature set of three Hawaiian Goddess oil paintinggs: Haumea, Pele and Poli'ahu are offered for $850.  Please look in "Purchase Paintings" for details.

 For lasar prints of Hawaiian Goddesses, look in "Hawaiian Art Prints."

Click on image to enlarge and view details: painting size and price.

blank.gif 50x50
blank.gif 50x50Haumea Hawaiian Goddess of Fertility
blank.gif 50x50Haumea (miniature)
blank.gif 50x50
Large Oil Painting  on Canvas of Haumea - Hawaiian Goddesses Set
blank.gif 50x50Haumea
blank.gif 50x50
blank.gif 50x50Pele_Always_Knew_She_Was-DifferentT.gif 180x134
blank.gif 50x50Pele Knew She Was Different
Oil Painting of Pele the Hawaiian fire Goddess
blank.gif 50x50Pele at Home (miniature)

blank.gif 50x50
Goddess Polii'ahu of Hawaii
Poli'ahu (miniature)
blank.gif 50x50 Poli_ahut.gif 134x180
blank.gif 50x50Poli'ahu
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Hawaiian Oil Paintings