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Hawaiian Art Prints

8 by l0 (some are 8 1/2 by 11) laser prints are available of many works in the Hawaiian Oil Painting Gallery by Sidney Filson, priced at $25 including postage & handling. The hand-signed- by-Filson prints come backed with cardboard and packaged in a clear acid free envelope that may be kept on for framing and include an artist's bio and picture.

New Hawaiian Art Prints are posted here as they become available, so visit with us often. Aloha.

8X11goddesses.jpg 460x345

Hawaiian art prints pictured above, from left top: "Waiting on Oahu" "Papaya Lady" and "Sunset Wahine" Bottom from left, Hawaiian Goddess Prints: "Poli'ahu, Snow Goddess" "Young Pele Always Knew She Was Different" and "Earth Mother Haumea"

Hawaiian art prints pictured below, top from left: "The Coconut Wireless" "Da Happy Tree" Middle from left: "With My Sister Under The Banyan Tree" "Kali, the Woodcarver" "Languid Ladies" And bottom: "Da Happy Tree" (another of the endless variations)

two.jpg 414x335
blank.gif 50x50
Pictured below, Hawaiian Kahuna Series, "in works" prints from left:"The Kahuna and The Talking Rock" "The Kahuna and The White Light" "The Kahuna enters Waters of Waikiki"

kahuna.jpg 444x195

blank.gif 50x50 Miniature Prints 5 x 7 @ $15 including shipping and handling, pictured below from top left "Snow Goddess of Maunea Kea" "Birth of The Rainbow Goddess" Bottom: "Haumea" "Pele at Home"

goddessesa.jpg 290x344

To talk about prints, e-mail us at Sidney Filson @yahoo.com or call us at 212 628-7083, leave a slooow and very distinct telephone message and we will get back to you shortly.

Prints may be purchased with U.S. Bank Money Orders, U.S. Postal Money Orders, and with personal checks with the understanding that no merchandise will be forwarded until checks clear our bank account.

  • 212-628-7083
  • Snail mail us at: Sidney Filson 401 East 74th St. Suite 4C New York, NY 10021
  • sidneyfilson@yahoo.com

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